Dear Fredy

Animation production for a documentary feature

Concept, direction and production of 40 minutes of animation and motion-comics scenes – from storyboard and design, to the final animation and compositing.

Documentary, Israel 2017, 74 minutes, Hebrew, English, and Czech.

Animation Producer and Director: Yael Ozsinay

Art Director and Background Artist: Or Drori

Character Design: Tal Rachmin

Animation: Yael Ozsinay, Ido Behar, Stav Levi, Naama Zarfaty

Director: Rubi Gat

Producer: Shahar Ben Hur

Editor: Erez Laufer

Visual Research: Lilly Yudinsky


Mind The Gap Animation

Animation producer and director: Yael Ozsinay

Art director and background artist: Or Drori

Character design: Tal Rachmin

Animation: Yael Ozsinay, Ido Behar, Stav Levi, Naama Zarfaty

Opener concept and animation: Inbal Ochyon

Fredy Hirsch was a proud Jew and an openly gay man living in Nazi-occupied Europe in WWII. As a teacher and educator, his life's mission was to look after children and youths, and try to provide them a sense of joy and security, even in those dark times.

The film depicts Fredy's journey – from fleeing Germany to the Czech Republic at 19, through the deportation of Jews to Theresienstadt Ghetto, and to the final months in Auschwitz – all the while trying to save and protect as many children as he could, and learning to accept himself for who he was.

The story of Fredy Hirsch is a tale of love, compassion, and humanity in the darkest of times, and an important link in the history of the gay community.

The film was produced for the Channel 1 Documentary Department and was supported by the AVI CHAI Foundation, the Gesher Foundation, the Jerusalem Film Project and the Claims Conference.

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Sequences from animation scenes:

From the production process: