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We are an animation production studio specializing in social and artistic issues, as well as the creation of original independent content, out of a belief that animation is a great way to tell stories and deliver important messages.

MTGA accompanies all stages of production – from concept and artistic development, to production management and financing, and through to animation and post production. For our various clients - from award-winning directors and global campaigns, to up-and-coming writers working on independent content – we've built project-specific teams with a wide scope of expertise, providing record amounts of high-end animation, even under the most challenging time frames and budgets.

We love what we do. We love challenges. We especially love when the two intersect.

Mind The Gap Animation was founded by Yael Ozsinay, animator and animation director and producer.

In addition to film making, Yael manages and produces animation festivals, markets, workshops and international collaborations:

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