The True Story of Ghati and Rhobi

The True Story of Ghati and Rhobi is an animated film promoting the end of FGM (female genital mutilation) in Africa, made for Animage Films and their partners, FORWARD and CDF. The film was made especially for distribution in Tanzania with a view to roll out the campaign across Africa.


In this film, Mind the Gap Animation provided end-to-end animation production services, from the initial story-building and design, and through to the final compositing. We worked with various background artists and designers to provide a custom-tailored film and production process, adapting to the client’s changing needs throughout the project.

The True Story of Ghati and Rhobi premiered at Portcullis House, House of Commons, on October 20th, and was launched in Tanzania on November 18th.


Coverage in Tanzania National newspaper.

Screenshots from the film:

Character and Background Development

Background concept test

For more from the background artists who worked on this project:

Daniel Sgan Cohen

Inbal Breda