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All Of Us

Colour models, paint and render studio for a film about cultural & religious intolerance, by Animage Films. The film was created, written and directed by Ruth Beni and director Daniel Greaves.

All Of Us is a new groundbreaking campaign aiming to tackle the global rise in cultural and religious intolerance. The campaign is spearheaded by a five-minute animated film conveying the simple yet powerful premise: No child is born with prejudice and therefore children can be a way to build bridges between communities.


All Of Us nationwide campaign in the UK began in October 2017.

From All Of Us workshops:

Producer: Ruth Beni

Director of Animation: Daniel Greaves

Animation Producer: Mike Bell

Design: Luke Mandie, Manddy Wyckens, Daniel Greaves

Animation: Andy McPherson, Darren Vandenburg, Thierry Torres

Assistant Animators: Denise Dean, Jessica Leslau

Compositor: Jon Dunleavy

Music: Jamie Payne, Elian Gray


Mind The Gap Animation

Colour Models: Yael Ozsinay

Painters: Liron Narunsky, Tamar Odenheimer, Yali Herbet, Yael Ozsinay

All Of Us launch at the Speaker's House:

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