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The Common Room Animation Project

The Common Room Animation Project is a collaboration between 13 animators and spoken-word artist Talia Randall.

Inspired by the piece 'Common Room', each of the animators took on a segment of the poem, and worked on it with complete creative freedom.

The poem itself speaks of experiences that are very personal, and yet universal. Therefore, we chose to collaborate on a film which enables several designers and animators to share their personal views, experiences and interpretation of the poem.


Common Room is a Mind the Gap Animation original production. We assembled a team of seasoned professionals, fresh animation graduates and animation students, and formed a community of animators working to realize an idea they believed in.

The Common Room Animation Project was featured and won awards in multiple festivals around the world.


Best Animation, Best Script, Butterfly Audience Choice Award – BUtiful Film Festival, UK 2014

Winner - Animazion Animated Film Competition of Jerusalem, Israel 2015

Best Animation - Ayr International Short Film Festival, UK 2015

Special Mention – International Animated Film Competition for Young Artists, Poland 2015

Official Selection – AVIFF Cannes, France 2015

Official Selection – ZEBRA Poetry Film Festival, Germany 2014

Official Selection - Colchester Film Festival, UK 2014

Official Selection – Festival Internacional de Animacion EXPOTOONS, Argentina 2014

Official Selection – Golden Orchid International Animation Festival, USA 2014

Official Selection – Mosaic Film Experience, USA 2014

Official Selection – DELETE TV, Austria 2015

Official Selection – V FICAIJ Festival Internacional de Cine Intantil y Juvenil, Venezuela 2014

Screenshots from Common Room:

01 - Yael Ozsinay
02 - Nir Philosof
03 - Maayan Erlich
04 - Shimi Asresay
05 - Noa Evron
06 - Inbal Ochayon
07 - Valery Yuzefovich
08 - Dekel Oved
09 - Sivan Kotek
10 - Dan Berger
11 - Inbal Breda
12 - Adva Rodan
13 - Tal Rachmin
14 - Yael Ozsinay

Rough test vs. finished animation:


Read more about the production process at Directors Notes.

From Noa Evron's work process
From Noa Evron's segment
From Inbal Ochayon's work process
From Inbal Ochayon's work process
From Maayan Erlich's work process
From Maayan Erlich's segment
From Dekel Oved's work process
From Dekel Oved's work process
From Nir Philosof's work process
From Nir Philosof's segment
From Tal Rachmin's work process
From Tal Rachmin's work process

The Common Room Animation Team:


Talia Randall - more from Talia

Yael Ozsinay (Mind the Gap Animation)

Nir Philosof - more from Nir's work and videos

Maayan Erlich - more from Maayan

Shimi Asresay - more from Shimi

Noa Evron - more from Noa

Inbal Ochayon - more from Inbal O

Valery Yuzefovich - more from Valery

Dekel Oved - more from Dekel

Sivan Kotek - more from Sivan's work and photos

Dan Berger - more from Dan

Inbal Breda - more from Inbal B

Adva Rodan - more from Adva

Tal Rachmin - more from Tal

Common Room Poster
Such lonely animators!
The faces of Common Room
Common Room launch party
Common Room - the early days
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